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Catherine Bourdon (born 1967) studied painting at the “Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris” (French National School for Fine Arts of Paris) and the Saint Charles University of Sorbonne, Paris. Her post graduate studies brought her to Berlin in 1995 where she now works as an independent artist. Besides of her work in painting and of her exhibition projects, Catherine Bourdon also performs as Museum moderator in Berlin. In her artistic work, Catherine Bourdon holds for utmost important to explore the painting and its limits, as well as the place/impact of the artworks in the room.

The physical trace of the colour and the canvas, as objects, are particularly important in her work. The pigments and stretcher marks are often left to be seen. The fact that she divides her artworks in various paintings and presents them united drives back equally to the medieval tradition of polyptic paintings as well as to some colourful game of building stones in a children room.

In general, Catherine Bourdon likes to grab her inspiration equally from the milestone elements of style or the techniques taken from the history of art. This way, her works are always positioned in a continuity and not to be understood as rupture. But in the forefront stays always a playful handling of a totally artificial world of images.